Seville based translator and on-off roving football reporter who dabbles occasionally with the pen. Other works include a novel entitled Costa del Trolls, the story of a group of good-hearted yet ultimately flawed thieves who up sticks and join an international crime organisation in Marbella. 11 Noches, a novel written in Spanish, with the assistance of his wife who acted as editor, the story of an everyday yet uninspiring town that receives no sunlight for 11 nights and the townspeople’s endeavours to restore the light. All presently available at good on-line retailers, or in hard copy format from Amazon.

Despite considering a return to the novel, my last three (as of today) offerings have been collections of short and not so short stories, the consensus being this is where my talents (despite their scarcity) are best employed.

The timelines runs from 2007 when ‘Costa del Trolls’ was pretty much finished as an idea, though spanning three books and 500 plus pages, it took almost another 3 years to get it to its final format. Since then and work permitting, the first collection appeared in 2015 entitled ‘Collected Third Millennia Piffle’, followed by ‘The Ombudsman’s Ombudsman in early 2019.

The recent confinement gave me time to complete things that had been hanging around for years and new stuff as well. All of these are freely available in digital format from the link below. I am not after money for these ventures as it is clear that that is not going to happen, but if you have enjoyed my dabbles, please tell a friend or even leave a cybernote somewhere, which will be greatly appreciated.

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For the odd laugh and thoughtful moment. Each collection comes with a soundtrack as well which I will upload in due course. Many thanks for your time.

Here is also a direct link to

the new one on EPUB and PDF.

Cavanagh, April 2020.